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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Moonshot Vol. 2 announced

AH! Comics announces Moonshot 2

Last year I talked about (and promoted) the AH! Comics title Moonshot Vol.1.

This was a collection of native stories, by native comic artists, which did extremely well when it was released.
Helmed by editor Hope Nicholson, AH! Comics collected (and delivered) an incredible title that was as beautiful to look through as it was to read.

Leading up to the actual release date AH! Comics editor-in-chief Andy Stanleigh stated that he had hopes they would be able to produce Moonshot as a series; and true to his word it looks like they are going to do just that.

Recently announced by AH! Comics is Moonshot Vol.2.

With Hope Nicholson back at the helm to the next part of this series, Moonshot Vol 2 is moving full steam ahead.
Anyone familiar with AH! Comics knows that this is a team who consistently produce quality work, so already there are high expectations for Vol.2 to be every bit as good as everything else offered in the AH! Comics library.

At this point Moonshot Vol.2 is still in the midst of its Kickstarter campaign, which you can help fund through this link.

As with Vol.1 I will keep you updated as the title develops.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Vietnam's Ban Chan Cosplay

Ban Chan Cosplay

Hailing from Ho Chi Mihn City, in Vietnam, is 22-year-old student and Otaku House Cosplay finalist - Ban Chan.

Actively cosplaying since 2008, Ban has attracted the attention of fans world-wide with a variety of anime and manga based cosplay that she makes herself.

For those not familiar with what anime and manga is, (quite simply) they are comics (manga) and animation (anime) from the east.
Most anime is taken from popular manga, and often (but not always) the manga has a long running history before the anime is produced and it is not uncommon for cosplayers to create their characters from long running manga’s.
Ban lists several characters (she has portrayed) that she has drawn from long running mangas she has followed for years.

Unfortunately, due to language barriers, not all of Ban’s information is fully available to provide more depth to the person behind the costumes.
This is a problem that fans may encounter as they follow eastern cosplayers; although many eastern cosplayers are making efforts in their social media to maintain both eastern and western friendly based pages for international fans., such as Ban does with her Facebook page.

On her Facebook, and World Cosplay page’s, fans are able to scroll through a variety of images (with some dialogue from Ban) of different costumes she is constructing.
Where they can see the new costumes in the various stages of completion as Ban models each stage for the camera.

You can follow Ban Chan’s cosplay through her Facebook and the World Cosplay Site.