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Monday, 21 December 2015

Titan Comics latest Assassin's Creed series

Indy Comics Spotlight: New Assassin’s Creed comic series.

(Okay, technically its not entirely new as the third part to the new series has just been released.)

Slated for a 5-issue run is the new Assassin’s Creed comic series from Titan Comics.
At the helm are Connor McCreary and Anthony Del Col, two experienced writers who gained recognition with both their brilliant series ‘Kill Shakespeare’ and their mini series ‘Harry Houdini vs. Sherlock Holmes’.

Now this talented team has been contracted to create the latest Assassin’s Creed comic book, and who better than two men who have made their mark in comic books with a history of delivering original material based on known characters in historical settings.

The series follows the Assassin’s Creed model of a person in modern times diving into past memories to learn about their connection to skilled assassins of the past.
This time the new assassin is Charlotte de la Cruz, with the story being set during the Salem Witch Trials.

Once again McCreary and Del Col deliver with believable characters, accurate surroundings and a solid story.

The dialogue moves easily between the two time periods in a believable fashion.
While this may seem like a minor detail, keep in mind that many works have been criticized for failing to recognize that throughout history, speech patterns have changed.
Not only do McCreary and Del Col do this, they do it well in a story that is interesting and fits the time period.

Not to be outdone artist Neil Edwards creates page after page of clean, dynamic art that is energetic and has movement throughout the panels.

So if you’re looking for a new Assassin’s Creed fix, a good comic, are fans of the McCreary/Del Col team or of Neil Edwards then check out the new Titan Comics latest edition to this popular franchise.

You can order the current issue, and back issues from the Titan Comics Official Website.

XBox One backward compatibility

Xbox One backwards compatibility, where are we now?

Over a month ago Microsoft launched what many Xbox players had been waiting for: backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games.
Many had hoped for hundreds of games, from the previous system, to be available on the latest Xbox console.

But, as of launch day, just over 100 games became playable on the Xbox One with Microsoft promising to make the entire 360 catalogue (through frequent updates) playable at some point in the future.

The videos (leading up to the release) made it seem that a wide array of titles would be coming.
Many of these titles were both Microsoft property and part of their ‘Platinum Hits’ line up.
Yet at launch day many of these titles were missing.
And some of the titles were games that many people were unfamiliar with.

With Christmas upon us, and Microsoft claiming that this is their biggest game release season yet, it is possible we are about to see a new update soon.
But that remains speculation at this point.

However, regardless of that here are a few things to keep in mind for those looking to play 360 games on their One console system:

1)   Thus so far there is no promised timeline.
Updates will occur when they are ready.
Apparently there are details for making the games work on the new system that Microsoft engineers are slowly working out.

2)   At this point you cannot buy the games through the online store.
Game discs have to be purchased to play.

3)   There have been no promises of new content or improved graphics to the older games.
Any improvements seen in game will be from the improved system.

4)   DLC content has not been ‘officially’ mentioned.
So if you were hoping to play your favourite games with all the added content that you may (or may not) have previously purchased, you may be left in the cold.

So at this point the library for your Xbox One has expanded, and will continue to expand.
Unfortunately there is no time frame as to when this will happen or which titles will be available next.

The cosplay of Ginny McQueen,

Ginny McQueen : G-Chan Cosplay

Hailing from Los Angeles California is long time cosplayer Ginny McQueen, or G-Chan as she is known in cosplay circles.

The charismatic McQueen makes all her own cosplay’s and is recognized within the community as she has contributed a number of cosplay related articles to a wide variety of forums.

On top of her cosplay work and contributions McQueen participates in the podcast ‘The Drunken Metaphysical’ and hosts a popular YouTube channel.

And avid gamer, McQueen also says she loves travel, tattoos beer and admits to “…watching an embarrassing amount of TV”.
McQueen is also very outspoken about body shaming in both the cosplay arena and in general.

Her social media is frequently updated and McQueen interacts with many of the people posting on her various pages.
She also uses these forums to discuss things that are very near and dear to her, sometimes even exposing her inner self for all to see.  
While this has endeared her to many people, there are still those who would use these things as a platform to attack her.
However, no shrinking violet be she.
McQueen has no problem standing up to would be cyber bullies and has the statement ‘This is my page. Don't be a dick. Trolls will be humiliated and then banned.” on her Facebook page.
So if you decide you’re going to go on her page and be a jerk - no sympathy, you’ve been warned.

You can follow Ginny McQueen on Facebook and Twitter, or on her Official Website.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The gutsy cosplay of Tina Rybakova

Tina Rybakova – Fearless Cosplay

Although many people like to talk big very few have the stones to walk around outside in the snow, unless they are bundled up; or go near potentially dangerous animals unless that animal is caged.
Fewer still would have the nerve to do both at the same time, and on many occasions.
Such is not the case with our latest feature Tina Rybakova.

Hailing from Moscow Russia, the beautiful Mz. Rybakova has posed with wolves, baby black bears and full-grown brown bears during photo shoots of her cosplay work.
Sometimes while wearing cosplays in the snow that expose quite a bit of her to the elements.

Rybakova is a freelance photojournalist who originally studied children’s book illustration, who is also a self admitted travel geek.
Her costumes, backgrounds, locations and attention to detail bring to her cosplays to life in a manner that many others fail to achieve.

While many others achieve results using digital enhancements and make up to create their images, the bulk of Rybakova’s work is based on using good photography of her costumes in order to create her images.

And don’t think that the animals she appears with are stuffed or photo shopped.
Those are real animals she appears with, and while I’m sure she didn’t just chase them out of a forest and yell for the photographer to start shooting while she still had a head start; posing by yourself with animals that can easily injure you would be more than many people would have the stones to do.

You can follow Tina Rybakova on Facebook.