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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The cosplay, and personality, of April Gloria

The cosplay of April Gloria

Generally, when we think of cosplayers, we often focus on their love of all things ‘geek culture’ and the costumes they make bringing their favourite aspects of it to life; and in doing so we often miss the person behind the costumes and characters.

Which is to be expected as most cosplayers present the aspect of themselves, they wish us to know, based on their cosplay work.

But not all cosplayers do this, in fact many top cosplayers give fans a look at their life beyond their cosplay work just as April Gloria does as she talks about her fondness of the outdoors, animals and her love of macaroni and cheese.

While these may seem like silly things to some and not worth mentioning in the cosplay work of an artist, but they would miss the point that it is these things that bring the life to Gloria’s work.

As she draws on her skills as a crafter, and artist, Gloria brings her characters to life with fun and personality while staying true to the character.
The list of characters she has brought to life range from comic book, video game, anime and even characters from commercials as she once (quite accurately) portrayed Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials.

Although her media states that she is not currently accepting any commissions or new bookings, she does list the events she will be attending and fans can always purchase items from her Storenvy page  (here's the link to her page) or follow April Gloria on Facebook and Twitter.

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