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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Spotlight on the talented Indra Rojas (FantasyNinja)

Indra Rojas (FantasyNinja)

If one were to look for a great example of a ‘well rounded’ cosplay artist than Indra Rjas (FantasyNinja) would certainly be one of the coslayers that one would look at.
As a cosplayer, gamer, entrepreneur, artist and author Rojas has developed herself into a multi-talented artist with a lot to offer to her fans.

Having worked as a professional seamstress for a major theme park and a make-up artist for a major brand, as well as launching her own cosmetics line, has given Rojas the experience to develop her skills (and abilities) to produce some top shelf cosplay; which she reflects in her work.
Her characters and poses don’t look stiff or forced, as is sometimes the case (even with top cosplayers), rather she looks very natural while in character.

After first attending a comic con ten years ago as Tifa (from Final Fantasy VII) Rojas was hooked and has been cosplaying since and has gone on to represent the US in China and being a part of the SyFy Channel’s ‘The Heroes of Cosplay’.

Originally Rojas used the name Fantasy Ninja for her cosplay and her name for her art and other work, she has since began blending the two as can be found on her social media and through her website.

You can follow Indra Rojas on Facebook and Instagram, or order products through her Official Website

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