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Monday, 22 February 2016

Artist Rebecca Yanovskaya

The art of Rebecca Yanovskaya
‘Art of the Sublime’

(Ascent of Man the Desctruction of Magic)

Toronto Ontario artist Rebecca Yanovskaya’s work is fairly easily identified, as she is one of the few artists to use ballpoint pen as the basis for her medium.
Using gold leaf for additional impact, Yanovskaya’s moody atmospheric pieces instantly draw the eye in.


Just because I used the term ‘moody’ and ‘atmospheric’ does not mean that she produces odd pieces of work that one would look at and think ‘What the hell is she on?!?!’.
Far from it.
With the main focus of her work being in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres her approach and style works very well in conveying a sense of the otherworldly.

(The Guardian)

Unlike many other artists in the same genres Yanovskaya’s work has more of a classic look, similar to the illustrations of older stories from leather bound books.
Not only in her style and approach, but also in her choice of the figures she draws.
These aren’t the idealized or trendy body types that are often associated with those genres of work.
Rather they look more natural and realistic, giving her work an added ethereal quality to it, which only further suits the genres she chooses to work in.


Outside of her sci-fi, fantasy and horror work Yanovskaya also has a series she calls the Numb3rs Project in which she has stylized each number with a colourful wooden organic look.


Through her Tumblr blog, (which you can access through this link.) you can see various pieces of work develop, as Yanovskaya has photographed and commented on the images, giving you a behind the scenes look at some of the process behind the various prints she has available for order.

(Momento Mori)

You can follow Rebecca Yanovskaya on Facebook and Instagram.
Or you can order prints and commission work via her Official Website.

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