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Monday, 21 December 2015

XBox One backward compatibility

Xbox One backwards compatibility, where are we now?

Over a month ago Microsoft launched what many Xbox players had been waiting for: backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games.
Many had hoped for hundreds of games, from the previous system, to be available on the latest Xbox console.

But, as of launch day, just over 100 games became playable on the Xbox One with Microsoft promising to make the entire 360 catalogue (through frequent updates) playable at some point in the future.

The videos (leading up to the release) made it seem that a wide array of titles would be coming.
Many of these titles were both Microsoft property and part of their ‘Platinum Hits’ line up.
Yet at launch day many of these titles were missing.
And some of the titles were games that many people were unfamiliar with.

With Christmas upon us, and Microsoft claiming that this is their biggest game release season yet, it is possible we are about to see a new update soon.
But that remains speculation at this point.

However, regardless of that here are a few things to keep in mind for those looking to play 360 games on their One console system:

1)   Thus so far there is no promised timeline.
Updates will occur when they are ready.
Apparently there are details for making the games work on the new system that Microsoft engineers are slowly working out.

2)   At this point you cannot buy the games through the online store.
Game discs have to be purchased to play.

3)   There have been no promises of new content or improved graphics to the older games.
Any improvements seen in game will be from the improved system.

4)   DLC content has not been ‘officially’ mentioned.
So if you were hoping to play your favourite games with all the added content that you may (or may not) have previously purchased, you may be left in the cold.

So at this point the library for your Xbox One has expanded, and will continue to expand.
Unfortunately there is no time frame as to when this will happen or which titles will be available next.

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