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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cosplay duo Ultra Girls Cosplay

Ultra Girls Cosplay

Hailing from Wichita Kansas is the cosplay of Ultra Girls Cosplay.

Consisting of two self-admitted geeks, Ultra Girls Cosplay is the bringing together of the cosplay work of lifelong friends Sophii and Crissa.
Already cosplayers on their own, the two ladies decided to combine their efforts (and resources) to further their cosplay work.

The results have made for high-energy cosplay that fans are enjoying.
While recently launching themselves as a duo, Ultra Girls Cosplay have been steadily building their fan base with multiple appearances at cons and comic stores and working with Indonesia’s Ichigo Comics.

Already the two ladies have been featured in a number of interviews and on several websites where they consistently discuss their love of cosplay and have encouraging words for people looking to get into cosplay.

At present the bulk of the Ultra Girls Cosplay has been from (mostly) comics and online games, but given their current rate of development, fans can expect to see a wider range of characters with more challenging and detailed costumes.

They have been quite active on social media and appearances the Ultra Girls cosplay have begun releasing better grades of prints using talented photographers and working digital effects into their images.
Although at present there does seem to be an issue (they are working to resolve) with their Storenvy link.

You can follow Ultra Girls Cosplay via their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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