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Monday, 6 July 2015

YaYa Han, spotlight on America's most famous cosplayer.

YaYa Han – America’s Queen of Cosplay

Of all the well-known cosplayers in North America there are none more popular, or famous than YaYa Han.

Based out of Atlanta Georgia, Han is one of the most successful cosplay artists in the world; not only has she built an entire business around the art of cosplay and costume making, Han is also a sought after model and panel judge.

Her success hasn’t been without criticism though.

Among other criticisms she has been accused of not making her own costumes and being a diva. One documentary even attempted to portray her and fellow copsplayer Jessica Nigri as being at odds with one and other.
When in fact the two are friends, and Nigri reportedly left the filming because of the producers attempt to try and create a non existent friction.

Equally are the claims of Han does not make her own costumes, something that is dismissed with the statement “Yaya has made a myriad of costumes in the genres of anime, manga, video games, sci-fi, comic books and of course from her own original designs.” on the title page of her personal website.

Despite whether or not you believe anything her critics have to say, the one thing that remains completely undeniable is that Han is a brilliant cosplayer whose costumes and characters are loved by over 1.5 million fans around the world.

You can follow YaYa Han on Facebook or her Official Website, and order prints posters and products from her Online Store.

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