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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Yuriko Tiger, cosplayer on the rise

Yuriko Tiger– Cosplay Cutie

Italy has given us many fine things such as fashion, food and exotic supercars.
Add to that list, cosplayer Yuriko Tiger.

Yuriko Tiger first launched herself as a cosplayer in 2008, then moved to Japan in 2014 to be a part of the culture she loves so much.
The Japanese appear to love her right back, something that  must be quite welcome for Yuriko as she studied Japanese for only a few months before moving there on her own, not knowing what to expect.

Her appearances at cons are mentioned among the first posts in reports on the events.  The post’s writer refers to her as ‘Famous CosPlayer Yuriko Tiger’.

While Yuriko Tiger is primarily known in Japan and Italy, her fan base throughout the world is growing.
Her mixes of sexy and cute in her (largely) anime-based cosplays are steadily finding fans throughout the world.

Currently, Yuriko Tiger’s social media states that she has about 35,000 fans at the moment.  As her exposure develops, so does both her work and her presentation.
Her characters are becoming more detailed and involved, and the confidence she shows in her photo sessions add to the overall impression she creates for her prints.

You can follow Yuriko Tiger on both Facebook and Instagram, or follow her via the website Dream Networks.

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