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Thursday, 28 May 2015

New Kill Shakespeare book.

New ‘Kill Shakespeare - Backstage Edition’ announced

Over the past four years, IDW Publishing has been offering fans worldwide the Anthony Del Col and Connor McCreary’s brilliant title ‘Kill Shakespeare’.

For those not familiar with this comic, ‘Kill Shakespeare’ is an original story which sets William Shakespeare as the focus in a world populated by characters from his famous stories; along with a few new characters.

Written by Del Col and McCreary, with artwork by noted artist Andy Belanger, the series won well-deserved accolades from critics and fans alike before concluding late last year.

Although the series ended with many open avenues for future stories, at this point there are no promises of a new series. 
However, the creative team of Del Col and McCreary has not been inactive.

They have released a board game, (based on Kill Shakespeare), published their 5 issue mini series ‘Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini’, and are now about to offer a 400 page, bound hardcover book titled ‘Kill Shakespeare: The Backstage Edition.’

This new book features the first twelve issues of Kill Shakespeare, previously unseen art and notes from Andy Belanger and a new back-up story.

More than that, ‘Kill Shakespeare: The Backstage Edition’ is annotated by Shakespearean experts from around the world.
This means that recognized experts have combed the work of Del Col and McCreary to highlight quotes and plot tie-ins from Shakespearean works to their comic series.

They have also produced a teaching guide available for educators who wish to use their series as an introduction to Shakespeare in the classroom.

Although the release date for ‘Kill Shakespeare: Backstage Edition Vol. 1’ is not until June 3, 2015, you can pre-order it through this Amazon link.

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