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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Ivy Doomkitty, fan and fellow cosplayer favourite

Ivy Doomkitty – Cosplay Cutie

Accurate costumes, a strong media presence and constant convention appearances are only a part of what makes Ivy Doomkitty an internationally recognized favourite for both fans and fellow cosplayers since her launching in 2012.

It is true that these are good attributes for anyone wishing to become recognized in cosplay, but what sets Doomkitty apart is her personality.
Like many other cosplayers, she is always smiling in pictures, however, she also portrays natural warmth and gives the impression of being someone who enjoys what she is doing, and seems to genuinely to enjoy interacting with other people.
When fans encounter many celebrities, they often encounter a personality different from their media personae.
Not so with Ivy Doomkitty.
Fans, media, and fellow cosplayers consistently report her to be a warm and genuine lady in person.

Doomkitty also has a cheeky side that regularly comes out in her cosplays and media.
Her costumes frequently show off her figure and Doomkitty makes no attempt to either hide herself or push herself above others.

There is a growing voice among media which criticizes women using cosplay as a platform to launch themselves as models.  The lovely Doomkitty does not fit this description. Although she is a model herself, she is frequently a part of panels which discuss (and promote) positive body imagery in cosplay.

You can follow Ivy Doomkitty, for her latest updates, on Facebook and Instagram, or shop in her online store.

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