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Monday, 25 May 2015

AH! Comics Kickstarter for new title 'Mark Twain's Niagra'

AH! Comics launches Kickstarter for new Mark Twain Graphic novel

Mark Twain is cited as the ‘Father of American literature’ and often quoted on social media. His books are listed as classic works of literature and Twain himself has became such an icon that he has frequently been used as a cameo character in many fictional works.

Now AH! Comics have launched a new Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming title based around Twain.

Rather than adapting one of Twain’s works to a graphic format, AH! has instead based their new book around an original screenplay  by Zachary Schwartz.
In Shwatrz’s story Twain visits famous landmarks and interacts with historical figures as he travels the Niagara region.
For the base of the story comic book heavy weight Adam Gorham will be handling the illustrations; but when Twain interacts with an historical person, or event, a different artist (each one a major talent) will be illustrating that section, returning to Gorham’s work in between interactions.

The story and narrative is all written by Shwartz, which will keep an even flow and feel to the narration and dialogue. The decision to go with different artists for each encounter is to give the story’s visuals more variety.

While this may sound tricky to pull off a clean, smooth story with changing visuals keep in mind that AH! Comics are no stranger to this idea and have a great deal of experience with this approach to pull the concept off.

There is still plenty of time to back the new title from this dynamic and creative publisher.
Full details and listing of what rewards (depending on your backing level) are to be found through this link.

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