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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Tasha CosPlay, top Korean cosplayer

Tasha CosPlay

 As we continue to look at cosplayers from around the world this week we meet Korean cosplayer Tasha CosPlay.

Since officially launching her cosplay work in 2012, Tasha has drawn worldwide recognition with 300,000 fans. While listing anime, comics, movies and video games as her source of inspiration, the bulk of her characters to date stem from popular on line games such as League of Legends and Cabal 2.

Tasha enhances the effect of the costumes for her cosplays with detailed armor, wigs, attention to her make up and a series of well-made props. She also works with talented photographers during photo shoots.  This helps to emphasize the strong poses she holds and includes digitally enhanced backgrounds in the finished images.

Adding to the appeal of purchasing her prints is the fact that Tasha is also incredibly beautiful.  When combined with the other elements of her images, this beauty boosts the return for fans when spending their entertainment dollars.

While Tasha’s appearances, to date, have been in Korea, her large and growing international fan base increase the odds that she will make soon appearances in the west. Presently, she has not made any official announcements to this effect.  However, fans should not give up hope.

You can follow Tasha’s CosPlay through Facebook and through this Pinterest page.

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