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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Observatory Comics and Heavy Metal

Observatory Comics now appearing in Heavy Metal.

In November 2014 I featured a webcomic called ‘Observatory Comics’ which is written by Laszlo Tamasfi and illustrated by a group of talented artists.

Just to recap: 

Observatory Comics is a weekly web publication that appears every Wednesday on their own website, which you can view through this link.  Each installment is a self-contained story written by Tamasfi and illustrated by a  different artist. The stories range from social commentary to thought provoking and occasionally whimsical. And they are always entertaining and skillfully produced.

Since that time Tamasfi (and his group of artists) have been consistently releasing the weekly comic while maintaining high quality work, for which they have been steadily gaining recognition for. This prompted Tamasfi to approach comic legend Heavy Metal in regards to adding Observatory Comics weekly page to their line up.

Long known for it's edgy stories and top notch art, Heavy Metal is the perfect spot for launching Observatory Comics to a larger audience.

I am happy to announce that Heavy Metal agreed, and Observatory Comics will appear on the Heavy Metal website every week as well as their own site.

You can read the Observatory Comic ‘Freefall’ on the Heavy Metal website through this link.

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