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Monday, 23 March 2015

Rosanna Rocha, alternative cosplayer

CosPlay Cutie : Rosanna Rocha

Rosanna Rocha began her cosplay work by wearing a costume from Halloween to a comic convention

She had made the costume herself, and while she didn’t feel it was very good,  she admitted that having people appreciate the work she had put into it was a great feeling.

Within a year of that event she managed to get tickets to the San Diego Comic Con and knew she needed to make some costumes, so she borrowed her aunts sewing machine and exchanged modeling for a fashion designer friend for lessons in sewing and began her foray into the world of cosplay from there.

Looking through her pictures shows that Rocha has developed her skills in costume making that she combines with a sexy look and eye for detail.

Describing herself as an alternative cosplayer (due to piercings and tattoos) Rocha draws on a wide variety of comic book, video game and anime characters to portray.

Surprisingly she draws criticism for her alt look, but chooses to ignores the negative comments, choosing to enjoy her cosplay work instead.
Tens of thousands the world over agree, as evidenced through her social media, where she interacts with fans and encourages people to say hi.

Currently travelling across the United States, Rocha keeps fans updated with what events she will be attending, including the dates and what booth she will be at.

You can follow cosplayer Rosanna Rocha on Facebook and Instagram or order prints and posters through her online store.

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