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Friday, 27 March 2015

Emerald Star Comics breathes new life into Highlander.

Highlander 3030 from Emerald Star Comics

Starting with the original 1986 movie Highlander launched into a fan driven franchise.
With it’s famous line ‘There can be only one” and immortal warriors, Highlander grew from being a cult movie to a fan favorite.

Over the following decades fans were rewarded with movies, games, television and animated series as well as novels and comic books. 
All that came to an end in 2009 after the release of several audio dramas.

In 2011 a reboot of the Highlander series was announced, and for the past few years the idea has slowly taken shape. The good news is that fans do not have to wait for the movie industry to produce the next part in the much-loved franchise.

Stepping in the void of new Highlander material is Emerald Star Comics and their title Highlander 3030.

With new characters, stories, future setting and a kick ass villain, Highlander 3030 promises to be an solid addition to the Highlander series.
One which not only takes the story in a new direction, but also breathes life back into a fan favorite.

However, as we have seen numerous times in reboots and resurrections promises are easily made when it is not properly backed up.
So how is Emerald Star faring so far with what they are promising?

From the looks of everything they have released for people to see?
Pretty damn good, I’d say.

Should their writing and story lines prove to be on the same level as the artwork they have released so far, then fans are in for not only a well-done resurrection, but
a great comic title overall in Highlander 3030.

While the title won’t see light of day until May, a proper evaluation will have to wait. But for right now let’s take a look at the artwork they have released so far.

Now I’m going to step back for a minute because I feel it’s important to mention that when I first heard of this new series I groaned.
Then I saw the artwork, and I am quite happy to say that so far I am eating my words.

Everything Emerald Star has so far put out for this series deserves as much praise as it has received and more.

The art team they have assembled is doing a bang up job of producing page after page of great work.
Bold dramatic pages, full of energy that are tightly drawn, dramatically inked, brilliantly colored and packed with story in every page and panel.
These pages are wrapped in covers that have the same qualities and skill.

Emerald Star has a lot of work ahead of itself, based on the promises they have delivered thus far with what they have shown. But based on the same material they have shown, they have certainly assembled the right team of highly talented artists to deliver on those promises.

Visit the Emerald Star website for the progress of Highlander 3030 (as well as their other titles) through this link, or on their Facebook page.

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