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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sherlock Holmes VS. Harry Houdini #4

Sherlock Holmes VS Harry Houdini #4

Anthony Del Col and Connor McCreary continue their series of the two legendary figures Sherlock Holmes and Harry Houdini with the fourth installment of the new series ‘Sherlock Holmes VS Harry Houdini’.  The two remain at odds with one another as they continue to solve a murder while battling foes of equally legendary status.

In their official release the minds behind the series said this of the new chapter.  The improbable has become the impossible! With magician Harry Houdini arrested after a blood bath that has left his wife at the edge of death, detective Sherlock Holmes must overcome his suspicions – and his demons – to free Houdini and overcome a powerful enemy that commands the unholy powers of the spirits.

Rasputin the mad monk returns in this episode as Sherlock Holmes faces one aspect of his personality that fans and readers have debated for years.

You can read about the new chapter (which will be available Feb 24) as well as all the other offerings on the official website.

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