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Friday, 9 January 2015

'Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini' issue #3

Issue #3 of Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini just announced.

Creators Anthony Del Col and Connor McCreary start 2015  with the announcement of the third issue of their new series 'Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini'.

In this third instalment of the new series the two legendary figures continue to be at odds with one another as they try to solve a murder; the plot thickens when a new villain steps from the pages of history to torment the two heroes.

From the creators desk comes this teaser:

 "And the New Year starts with a bang with the release of our latest issue of the clash of the world’s greatest detective and escape artist, SHERLOCK HOLMES vs HARRY HOUDINI #3.

It’s time for us to introduce the villain of our piece, someone who has become legendary over the years, in song, literature and media, and who we think is just as clever (if not more mysterious) than the famous Dr. Moriarty.
What grand, bearded villain will appear in our tale?"

You can get the latest edition of this 5 part mini series through Dynamite Entertainment.

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