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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Toronto Comic Con December 14, 2014

                              Toronto Comic Con December 14, 2014

 If you are a comic book fan you've never had the chance to get to a comic book convention, I would certainly suggest you go to at least one.

Sha-Nyan and Prince-Kuna

 Busy and crowded with fans, artists, dealers and CosPlayers jammed in tightly.
Sometimes you can have two artists at the same table, with very little room to display their items.
Not only is it great place to track down merchandise, see the imagination of CosPlay in action and have a chance to meet the people who make the comics we're already familiar with, but it's also where you can find all kinds of new and independent titles.

 Some of those titles I am hoping to present here in the not too distant future.

 Throughout this article are a series of CosPlay artists I took pictures of, many of whom I am also hoping to interview and present here as well.

Not all of the CosPlayers were established, many were people who weren't regular CosPlayers. 
But the ones that were I have included their names under their pictures and all have Facebook pages that you can look up.

*[I do apologize for that, but at this point I only have permission to include names and images; and there would be so many links it would take one forever to get through this simpler overview article]

 One could easily spend hours at a comic convention, possibly even days at the larger or more famous ones.

Judge Brown Sector 519

Broject Studios photographer Keegan Knight (R), and friend, steps out from behind the camera to CosPlay

Lovely Mio, Princess Lolli, Chilli Chili Chilled and friend

I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with former Marvel comic artist Alex Chung

As well as veteran comic artist Dave Ross

 Not only are comic cons a chance to spend a moment talking with some of the people who's work comic fans spend many hours enjoying, but you have the added pleasure of watching a pro draw and create an image right in front of you.
Which can be incredibly humbly for anyone who has dreams of becoming a comic book artist.

 I was also fortunate enough to meet the lovely, and genuinely warm personality, UnDeadDu while in her element as a CosPlayer, (and yes I took an opportunity to sneak into the picture).

The lanes were lined with artist after artist, title after title and endless stalls selling everything from comics to uncommon items that are all comic, movie and anime related.

Toronto War Machine as The Punisher

 Admission is fairly reasonable, and although the lanes are packed with fans moving from table to table the merchandise (the artists have original pieces for you to look at, as well as prints to buy that often aren't available anywhere else) and the sights of fans and CosPlayers dressed up in a wide range of costumes makes a comic con something that every comic book fan should try to experience at least once in their lifetime.

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