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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Kill Shakespeare board game release date announced

                    Kill Shakespeare board game is here in time for Christmas 

New press release today from the creators of the popular title 'Kill Shakespeare' with the release of their long awaited board game.

From the comics creators comes this news.

"We are excited to announce that the KILL SHAKESPEARE BOARD GAME is now out at stores across North America and the UK!  And we will be celebrating with an official LAUNCH PARTY at Snakes & Lagers in Toronto next week (Tuesday, December 9th).
The first game released by IDW Games, Kill Shakespeare: The Board Game is designed by Tomas Vande Giste and Wolf Plancke, the creators of the cult classic strategy game Yedo.  It is a semi-co-operative game in which you and up to three friends each play as one of Shakespeare’s legendary heroes: Hamlet, Juliet Falstaff, Othello or Viola. Together you must overthrow the oppressive duo of Richard III and Lady Macbeth.
But - as in real life—only one of you can be the hero of the revolution... and the ultimate winner of the game. This forces each player to constantly balance their actions between what’s good for the rebellion with their own desire to be crowned the new King or Queen of Illyria."

Further details may be found on the official Kill Shakespeare website.

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