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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Harry Houdini vs Sherlock Holmes by the creators of Kill Shakespeare

From the creators of 'Kill Shakespeare' comes the new title 'Harry Houdini vs Sherlock Holmes'

 Hello everyone, back from a pause Indy Comics Spotlight returns to continue bringing news of independent comic books and artists; as well as press releases of what's happening with the titles we present.

 After establishing themselves as a great creative team with Kill Shakespeare, Anthony Del Col and Connor McCreary add the new title 'Harry Houdini vs Sherlock Holmes'to their growing line up.
 The first issue in the series sold well at both conventions and around the world upon it's release in October 2014.

 The story continues on Wednesday November 12 when the second issue is released.

 The new title finds the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini suddenly caught up in a murder investigation after one of his shows in London England.
When, none other than, famed detective Sherlock Holmes is on the case to solve the mystery the two legends quickly become at odds with one and other.

 "In HOLMES v HOUDINI #2, we pick up after a grotesque murder (suicide by axe?) at Harry Houdini’s show." said Del Col in the latest press release  "The legendary magician clashes with Sherlock Holmes over the great detective’s refusal to allow Houdini to help bring the perpetrator to justice. But the proud Houdini won’t take no for an answer, leading to an epic game of cat-and-mouse in London’s dangerous streets."

 Both Del Col and McCreary wrote the new series and features rising star Carlos Furnuzono back at the helm for the artwork. 
Colours are done by Aikau Olivia,  and both  Aaron Campbell and Colton Worley do the covers.

 Del Col and McCreary's writing, once again, creates a well paced story with sharp dialogue in this new series. 
 Using a tight style artist Furnuzono fluidly creates each page and panel to cleanly bring the story to life without making the pages and panels look cluttered.
Rounding out the look of the title is Oliva's colours that not only use well placed contrasts to make the pages pop, but soft and bold colour that give the pages and panels extra depth.

 This team's hard work pays off with a solid, well paced book that is as great to read as it is to look at, making Harry Houdini vs Sherlock Holmes a title well worth a place in any comic fans collection.

 Further news for fans is Del Col and McCreary's announcement of an upcoming board game based on their other current series, Kill Shakespeare.

Indy Comics Spotlight will continue to follow details of a release date for the game and keep readers posted as details become available.

 Updates and details of both Kill Shakespeare and Harry Houdini vs Sherlock Holmes, as well as news of the upcoming board game can all be found on the official website at:


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