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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Press Release news for new Fist of Justice

                             Fist of Justice is Back For More

   "Fist of Justice", from Digital Webbing Press, continues its comeback with a return to Kickstarter.

Charm City, October 20, 2014

 After running a successful campaign earlier this year that saw Imboden and Dukeshire release not just a trade paperback collection containing early Fist of Justice stories, but issue #6 along with a special, Kickstarter only, “point five” issue.
 Creators Mike Imboden and Ed Dukeshire have returned to crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, to raise the money needed to publish the seventh issue and begin working on the final four issues of the first storyline.  “Not to sound like a cliche’,” said Imboden. “but everything has been leading to those long-awaited stories.  Issue seven really nudges the overall story off the edge so it can snowball into a massive... Well, I can’t spoil it here.”

 The success and overwhelmingly positive feedback that greeted them with their initial Kickstarter campaign proved that the audience for an “old school” hero in the modern world was waiting for Fist of Justice.  “Our friends and fans really came through for us,” explained Dukeshire. “It was a really positive feeling when people said how excited they were that we were bringing Fist back.”

 Supporters of this second Kickstarter campaign have plenty of rewards above and beyond issue #7. There are older single issues, copies of the trade collection, commissions from artists like Pow Rodrix and Morgan Wellborn, t-shirts and prints.  “We’re working on some really cool stretch goals, too,” added Imboden. “if we can work out the logistics, we’d love to offer up issue #8 or another .5 issue!”

Web address for Kickstarter is: http://goo.gl/wirW7H

For more information about Fist of Justice, visit:



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