Sunday, 19 February 2017

Meg Turney, cosplayer and internet personality.

The cosplay of Internet personality Meg Turney.

Once named one of the ’25 Hottest YouTubers’ by Playboy magazine, and listed as one of the 100 Sexiest Women Alive by FHM Magazine, is cosplayer Meg Turney.

The 29-year-old Texan is no stranger to fan and media attention that she draws from her cosplay, as Meg Turney is also known for her time hosting various web shows. Shows such as the award winning (CraveOnLine) show TechKnow, and RoosterTeeth’s The Know; as well as her own personal YouTube and Twitch channels; and appearances on a variety of shows have put Turney in the public eye.

Her personality (plus genuine love of gamer/geek culture) goes beyond her on-air appearances and carries over into her cosplay work, bringing an added dimension to the characters she portrays; from a wide range of genres.

While Turney does pay attention to detail and accuracy in her cosplays, she also has fun with it; playing with some of the characters to give them a personal spin, while keeping the look recognizable and having fun in her photoshoots; which are done by professional photographers.

While sharing the images (from photoshoots and appearances) Turney keeps fans up to date on her work through various social media, where she frequently interacts with fans through responses to comments and posts; as well as posting videos and pictures of herself having fun.
This adds a depth to her overall public personality and helps fans feel a connection to Turney and her work.

You can follow Meg Turney on Facebook, Twitter, as well as buy her calendrers or prints through her StoreEnvy; or watch her online via her YouTube and Twitch channels.

Monday, 16 January 2017

The work of Elisanth - Alternative model

 The dark and beautiful cosplay of Elisanth.

Lets start the New Year off by taking a look at the cosplay work of the lovely alternative model Elisanth.

While mainly recognized as a very talented model, Elisanth enjoys portraying characters from various movies and video games.
Particularly the ones with darker images, which Elisanth says (through her media) is an art style which she is very fond of.

Although her primary work is in modelling, (having graced the covers of numerous magazines) Elisanths work in cosplay is very impressive. Her details to costume, make up, posing, backgrounds, and use of professional photography, make for cosplay images that are as impressive to look at as she is.

Despite her impressive resume and wide (professional) portfolio, Elisanth does not distance herself from her fans. Throughout her array of social media she responds frequently to comments and is very gracious with compliments that fans pay her. In fact she recently advertised (through her DeviantArt page - LINK) that she would autograph her 2017 calendars for fans who sent them to her.
Those calendars sold out very quickly, so if you weren’t fortunate enough to have already ordered one you will have to hope for another printing or wait until next year when Elisanth’s 2018 calendars are released.

You can follow Elisnath through her Facebook Page, Official Website or order products through her Online Storenvy.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year to all

Hello there, here is wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Years.

As some may have noticed the postings have become less frequent in the past fews months, and for this I do apologize; however this was due to the time needed to create some upcoming original content and plans to design this page for easier navigation.

In the New Year there will be continued articles on independent comics, artists and cosplayers; but there will also be added an art gallery, store link and the start of a series of self contained short story comics.

The art gallery will be updated as new work is completed and the comics will be once a month with the goal being to create an ongoing weekly comic, but that will be further into 2017.

For now I'll leave you with a quick sample, (unfortunately a phone image) of upcoming work:

Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2017.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Cosplay and nude model Vivid Vivka

Vivid Vivka Cosplay

Using the tagline ‘I’ll break your heart and beat your high score’ is how American cosplayer Vivid Vivka introduces herself through her social media.

A long time comic book, game and movie fan Vivid Vivka states that between all the times she has dressed up for parties, clubs Halloween and events; she can’t really say (with any accuracy) when she started to cosplay.

Both a cosplayer and nude model, Vivid Vivka (through the use of Patreon) was able to dissolve her hair business (which she said she hated) and begin costuming (and modeling) full time.
She also has hopes/plans to start a YouTube Channel and Twitch stream to show people how to make costumes, and to keep her fans up to date on her activities and works in progress.

Something her legions of dedicated fans will further appreciate alongside her constant recognition of their devotion. Vivid Vivka states that she reads everything and replies to people, as quickly as her schedule allows.

As mentioned Vivid Vivka models (in various states of dress) and has appeared on television, videos, comics and various magazines; and she in not shy about how daring she chooses to be with her costumes and in her photoshoots.
This does not mean that she is oblivious to how others may feel, and tells fans (on her Patreon page) that she has no problems with ‘Safe For Work’ imagery and does want to be informed (by fans) if that is what they wish to receive.

Unfortunately her lack of fear (at baring all) has drawn some unwanted attention by people who don’t seem to realize that just because a woman is willing to appear in a sexy costume (or for a nude photo) does not give them the right to call her names or try to get a cheap thrill; and has spoken about it at length (along with others) through the ‘Cosplay is not Consent’ organizations.

Basically folks-  if you want to keep seeing hot women in amazing costumes – keep your hands and nasty comments to yourself around them. The world doesn’t owe you a luxury vehicle you can’t afford any more then cosplay models owe you a free feel, or be your verbal punching bag.

You can support Vivid Vivka on her Patreon Page or follow her on Facebook.